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ABOUT  Jonathan

Hi. I'm Jonathan Thomas, a professional photographer based in the greater Houston, Texas area. 

Photography is a life long exercise for me. I say that because for more than 35 years Ive been working to improve my eye, (the way I visualize an image) my technique,(the way I approach a shoot) and my understanding (the way I engage my client). In this regard

I'm hitting the gym daily.

In that same time period I've gone from working as a photographer with the Student Publication in college, working retail in a pro camera store, spending eight years at a prominent Houston ad agency, to becoming a full time freelance photographer running my own studio.

I consider a client engagement a partnership arrangement.  Knowing  no one understands an organization better than the people who work and live in it.  This partnership is taken seriously  with a commitment to delivering a level of service that consistently exceeds expectations.

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